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Established in 1985 under authorization by the Ministry of Public Security,Shandong Wendeng Fire-fighting Equipment factory is one of the profersional factories which manufactures fire-fighting equipment.With a fixed assefs of RMB¥1.6million Yuan and registed trade mark of "Yuan Yang",The factory brings about RMB£§8 million Yuan anually.The factory has over 20 technitions who graduated from colleges or universities.With strong technical forces and advanced facilities,according to the national checking and accepting standard,the factiry has got the third grade certificate and In 1997 ,its products passed ISO9000.

In 1985,accoding to the national technical standard---GB4351-84 and GB4397-84 ,the factory successfully produced 1211 Portable Fire Exting uisher which filled in the gap in the field of Shandong Province.

In 1988,the factory developed a new product---High-pressed Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher which again filled in the gap in the field of Shandong Province.

In 1996 ,jthe factory researched and developed a third new product---Pushing high-pressed dry powder fire extinguisher which passed testing and inspection,since it was put into the marder,it has got wide approval.

Scope of Application.all the above products can be appliec to put out fire of kinds of oil ,Gombustible gases and liguid,electrical appliance,chemical materials ,precision instrunteut,precious history relics etc.They can be widely used in such places as ships,vehicles,laboratories,computer's rooms,datd rooms,hotels,factories oil depots etc.

President liu Sitao assures customers high-quality products and the most satisfactory service.


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